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Hold Omniverse ESPORTS prize contests at your venue and build a repeat customer base of competitive players!

Please find more details below on how to participate.

How to participate

Participating in the contests requires minimal effort from you, the operator. Player scores will automatically be added to the contest leaderboard if a player plays the contest game at a participating location during the contest period.

To be eligible to participate, you are required to obtain an Omni 2.0 Upgrade Package from Virtuix or your local distributor. For more information and to become a participating location, email us at info@virtuix.com.

How to display the leaderboards

You can display our leaderboards rotation via our Omniverse live feed application at http://livefeed.omniverse.global. Log in with your Omniverse shop ID and password to launch the application. Click on “Zoom” -> Full-Screen in your web browser to display the leaderboards in full screen on your monitor(s).

The leaderboards display is currently set by Virtuix. In the future, you will be able to create your own leaderboards and display rotation.

How players sign up

Players can sign up and create a player account at www.omniverse.global. This website is the online hub where players find participating locations, view the current leaderboard standings, edit their player profile, see their ranking and achievements, and connect with friends.

Note: any customers who already had an Omniverse player account prior to October 1, 2018 must create a new account.

How players participate

To participate, eligible players simply play the contest game with their Omniverse player account at a participating location during the contest period.

When launching an Omniverse session for the participating player, please log the player into his or her Omniverse account from the 2D interface via the “Account” option:

Account Log In

The player must fill out their username and password via a keyboard. We realize this login method is cumbersome and not convenient. We are working on a better player account login method, which will be released later this year.

How to charge players

You are free to charge players for Omni gameplay as you wish. Below is a sample contest fee schedule for players:

  • Single play (1 game): $7 per person
  • Double play (2 games): $12 per person
  • Triple play (3 games): $15 per person

Each game lasts about 5 minutes. Player teams can participate as many times as they want. Each game score will count and be saved for the contest leaderboard, however, only their top leaderboard spot is eligible for prize money. Players cannot win more than one prize.

Marketing assets

We have prepared the following marketing assets for you to promote the upcoming Omniverse prize contests:

  • Social media ads for Facebook and Twitter
  • Flyers for print to hand out to visitors at your venue

You can download all marketing assets here.

We will advertise each prize contest on Virtuix’s social media channels and to our community, including publicizing the list of participating locations.



You can find the official rules of the Omniverse ESPORTS prize contests here.

Game specific contest rules can be found here.


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