Production Schedule and Taobao Shanghai

Production Update

The first 10 units of our pilot run have arrived in Austin and are looking good! A total of 27 more units will arrive in Austin this month for inspection. Those units constitute our “PVT 1/2/3” units (PVT stands for Production Verification Test, which is a standard process to ensure our assembly line is error free and capable of producing quality Omnis). After inspection, we will ship these units to our earliest Kickstarter backers (US only for these) and a few developers and partners.

Following our PVT units, we have confirmed the following production schedule with our supply chain partners:

  • September: 258 units (5 containers)
  • October: 810 units (15 containers)
  • November (estimate): 1,500 units
  • December (estimate): 2,000 units

Keep in mind that these containers will be underway via ocean freight for an estimated 4-6 weeks.

Our accessories are in full production as well. See a few pictures below of the assembly lines building the Omni main unit and VR Rack:




Once we are close to shipping your order, you will receive an email from us to confirm your order / shipping address and to pay for shipping. Those first emails will go out later this month.

Community, we are excited to start shipping Omnis to you in volume. The wait has been long, but it’s coming together. Thank you for your patience. We will keep you closely updated on our production progress.

Taobao Festival in Shanghai with World War Toons

We demonstrated the Omni last week at the Taobao Festival in Shanghai together with Reload Studios, the developer of the premier VR first-person shooter game World War Toons. Reload integrated our Omni Software Development Kit (“SDK”) into World War Toons for optimal gameplay.

The Omni was a big hit at the show, with some visitors waiting in line for more than two hours to play World War Toons with the Omni.



Reload’s decision to integrate the Omni SDK and support natural locomotion in VR represents a big endorsement for the Omni motion platform and a major advance in the field of Active VR. The tech press recognized the importance of our announcement. See articles here by Tom’s Hardware, Upload VR, and VR Focus.

We also used our time in Shanghai to meet with our joint venture partner, Hero Entertainment. Hero is one of the largest game developers and publishers in China (their flagship game Crisis Action has more than 400 million players), and they partnered with us to enter the VR market in China together.

New Games Played with the Omni

The Omni is compatible with many third-party VR games or even “legacy” classic games without the need for special integration by the developer. See below for two new game videos we just created.

The Assembly by nDreams is a linear VR exploration game that works out-of-the-box with the Omni:

Counterstrike: Global Offense (“CS:GO”) is one of the world’s most popular first-person shooter (“FPS”) games and the leading FPS eSports title. The game is playable in VR thanks to a third-party driver and works seamlessly with the Omni thanks to the Omni’s built-in keyboard emulation:


Now that we are starting to work extensively with VR game developers who want to integrate our SDK for optimal gameplay, we are looking for a “Virtuix Evangelist” who can lead our developer relations effort. If you have an interest in this position, have a passion for the Omni, have knowledge of Unity3D and/or Ureal Engine 4, and are willing to relocate to Austin TX, please contact us at

As always, please join us on our Forums if you’d like to discuss this update or anything VR related:

Best regards,

Jan and the Virtuix Team



  1. dario 9 months ago Reply

    hi my friend I want to by team

  2. stanlee 9 months ago Reply

    Wait to long~ and I living Taiwan, please drop ship China to Taiwan A.S.A.P!

  3. maksim 9 months ago Reply

    Good afternoon. I wanted to know when it will be possible to order the product, and whether there is a delivery Kazahstan.i what is the cost of the complete set.

    • admin 9 months ago Reply

      Hi Maksim,

      We are not shipping to Kazakhstan at this time. While it remains a future possibility, we do not know if/when this will occur.

      Best regards,
      The Virtuix Team

  4. David Ruiz 7 months ago Reply

    Hi, I would like to get this product for university projects, and whether there is shipping to Peru, also, if it includes technical support.

  5. David Ruiz 7 months ago Reply

    Hi, I would like to get this product for university projects, and if there is shipping to Peru, also, if it includes technical support.