Frequently Asked Questions

The Virtuix Omni™ is a first-of-its-kind omni-directional motion platform that enables “active virtual reality”, a term that includes any VR application where your actions in the virtual world are controlled by first-person navigation like walking or running. The Virtuix Omni™ lets you walk, run, sit and strafe with 360 degree freedom of movement allowing you to control your avatar without restraints.

The Omni uses a concave, low-friction platform that enables a smooth gait and immersive walking and running motion. Comfortable Omni shoes with a low-friction sole allow for comfortable, extended gameplay and battlefield action. A robust support ring and unattached support harness provide maximum safety and versatility during rapid, unconstrained movements. Walk, run, and turn swiftly and smoothly in 360 degrees without restraints.

The objective of the Omni is to enable a natural walking and running stride. Our concave, low-friction surface is the result of three years of research, experimenting, and prototyping. A concave surface allows the user’s foot to slide back by gravity after each step, whereas a flat surface would require the user to physically move their feet backwards with their own force – which is strenuous and not part of a natural stride. A concave platform results in the most natural and smooth walking and running motion. The concave and soft surface of the Omni also reduces any impact on the joints from walking or running.

Omni shoes are required to use the Virtuix Omni and serve two key purposes. First, the shoes house the Virtuix Omni Tracking Pods which are essential for tracking foot movement. Second, the Omni shoes have a low-friction sole that enable smooth, 360-degree movements on the Omni platform, allowing for comfortable, extended gameplay.

Note that the Omni shoes come in all sizes but are versatile: an American size 10, for example, can easily accommodate players with a foot size 9 or 11.

The Omni support harness is not attached to the support ring, allowing the player free and untethered use and unlocking maximum versatility for rapid, unconstrained movements. Players can enjoy quick rotation and jumping, both of which are key elements of fully immersive, action-packed gameplay. Walk, run, jump, and turn swiftly and smoothly in 360 degrees without restraints. The Omni engages the entire body like no other system and leaves you breathless as you play your way to victory.

We opted for a robust, fixed support ring and the elimination of moving parts to keep the cost of the Omni down as much as possible, making the Omni the most affordable motion platform on the market. In addition, a robust ring provides maximum safety (the player cannot slip or fall), reliability (no maintenance headaches), ease of assembly/disassembly, and the ability to use an unattached support harness that allows for quick, unconstrained turning and jumping in 360 degrees.

Besides walking, the Omni allows for running, jumping, backwards stepping, strafing (sideways stepping), and even sitting in 360 degrees. The Omni software provides gesture recognition that translates movements to keystrokes and analog gamepad input that steers an avatar in the virtual environment.

While on the Omni, the user is able to hold a handheld gamepad or gun controller with the required buttons to activate all non-movement actions necessary to play most PC games. They can also sit in the Omni (supported by the waist harness) while driving vehicles.

Yes. Omni players can go wireless by using the Bluetooth connection to connect wirelessly with PC or Mobile VR devices such as the Samsung “Gear VR”. The Omni is the only product on the market with this capability.

Yes, the Omni can be used with any out-of-the-box PC game that uses keyboard or gamepad input (as long as the Oculus Rift or other head-mounted display is supported). The Omni works best with first-person perspective games where players can walk around and enjoy the environment (such as Skyrim or Minecraft) or first person shooters. An extensive collection of game demos is available on our website and YouTube channel.

Yes, we are in touch with game developers and content creators to ensure our Omni SDK is integrated with the latest and greatest VR content. The Omni blazed the market trail for ultimate immersive “Active VR” gaming, attracting the interest of both indie and market-leading game developers.

The Omni is compatible with PC and with Mobile VR devices via the Omni’s Bluetooth connection. In the future we hope to build support for console VR gaming.

Yes, the Omni requires an external virtual reality headset (such as the Oculus Rift), a wireless controller (such as an Xbox controller) and a PC or Mobile VR device. The Omni comes with integrated tracking hardware and software to recognize movements and translate them to steer an avatar in the virtual environment.

The Oculus Rift is not included. For a full virtual reality experience, a Rift or any other VR head-mounted display is recommended when using the Omni. However, the Omni is also a fun controller for third-party (non-VR) games like our demo game Gold Rush.

No, the Omni will come with integrated tracking hardware and software. You do not need a Kinect.

The Omni is compatible with almost any PC controller or gamepad. In our demo videos, we use the Cabela’s Top Shot Elite Xbox 360 controller with a Windows receiver.

Definitely. Using the Omni is a great form of exercise and its software can track distance traveled and calories burned. In one test of the Omni, which entailed an hour of intensive game play, the player burned approximately 350-400 calories as he walked and ran a distance of 3-3.5 miles. The Omni can help you make simple but steady improvements in your health or even transform you into a gamer of the future: faster, leaner, meaner and harder than ever to tag during gameplay.

Yes, safer than a regular treadmill. The Omni’s robust support ring and harness provides maximum safety by preventing the player from falling or slipping. When you do battle in the Omni, the only ones at jeopardy are the characters facing down the end of your virtual barrel.

The final production waist support ring will be adjustable to accommodate heights ranging from 4’8” up to 6’5”, and a maximum user weight of 285 pounds. The waist harness comes in various sizes. The waist support ring itself has a 20” diameter.

When fully assembled, the Omni platform is 55″ / 140cm wide (incl. strut bases), 55″ / 139cm long (incl. the step-up deck), and 35″ / 89cm high (when the ring is in its lowest position). The ring and vertical struts are easily disassembled.

The Omni surface and shoes are not coated, but are made of a solid low-friction material. Therefore, there is minimal surface wear and tear. On the contrary, use of the Omni surface and shoes create micro-grooves that improve the low-friction characteristic of the Omni over time.

The noise level of the Omni is comparable to that of a regular treadmill (70-75 decibels). We have used the Omni in an apartment many times at night without any fear of or any actual complaints from neighbors.

Applications of natural movement in virtual reality stretch far beyond gaming. Some exciting non-gaming applications include virtual fitness and exercise, tourism, events, training and simulation, workplaces, meet-ups and multi-person adventures. The possibilities are truly limitless.

The Virtuix community comprises more than 20,000 gamers and technology innovators, including 3,000 Kickstarter backers who contributed $1.1 million for our cause of “Active VR” gaming. This makes the Virtuix Nation the backbone of one of the most successful Kickstarter tech campaigns in history. Our audience grows daily as more and more gamers and technology advocates join our community, continually increasing the size of our core supporters. 60% of our customers are dedicated hardcore gamers.

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Our firmware translates the movements of the user to gamepad events that steer the avatar in the virtual environment. As such, the Omni works with any game or application that uses gamepad input without the need for integration with our SDK. That said, for advanced functionality the Omni comes with an SDK that provides game developers with full motion control: analogue walking speed, analogue walking direction, and tracking data of each individual foot that enables full freedom of motion with de-coupled walking and viewing directions.

The Omni software is currently developed for use with Windows for PC, and Android for Mobile VR. We are looking into adding Mac and Linux support.

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The Omni is currently only for sale through our website. We will add international distributors and re-sellers in the near future.

Do not buy an Omni from an un-authorized re-seller in your country. Buying an Omni from an un-authorized re-seller will void all warranty rights and will prevent you from receiving software updates and replacement parts in the future. When in doubt regarding a pretending Omni re-seller, please contact customer service at

If you are interested in becoming an official distributor or re-seller of the Virtuix Omni, please contact Virtuix at

Depending on how far you live from either the West or East Coast, domestic shipping costs will be in the $90-$150 range for doorstep delivery of the standard Omni or $30 for pick-up in select major hubs. Additional shoes, belts and rack will increase the shipping costs. We have excluded shipping costs from our list price, so that you can keep flexibility over how much you want to spend on shipping; some people like the Omni delivered at their doorstep, others don’t mind picking it up at a distribution center. We plan to organize “pick-up events” in major cities for those who’d like to keep shipping costs at a minimum (and meet other Omni supporters at the same time). The shipping cost will be confirmed and billed to you when we are ready to ship your order and have collected your delivery preference.

If you are buying an Omni internationally, you must take shipping costs and VAT into consideration (not included in the list price). International shipping is complicated, and can be costly depending on where you live. We do not want to exclude any continents, and will do our best to make this work with international distribution centers and pick-up locations (we will pay for ocean freight to your continent). You need to verify and add your country’s import duties and VAT, if applicable.

International shipping costs will be confirmed and billed to you when we are ready to ship your order and have collected your delivery preference. Below are current estimates of shipping costs for various countries (excludes import duties and VAT). Additional shoes, belts and rack will increase the shipping costs.

Note that the Omni will become unavailable in certain countries and areas once all Kickstarter and pre-order units are shipped, due to volume constraints. Take advantage now and place your pre-order, so that you are guaranteed to get your hands on an Omni in the next few months.

North America:
• Canada: $125-$225
• Mexico: $250-$350

• Western Europe: $100-$200 (England, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, France, Luxembourg)
• Southern Europe: $150-$250 (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece)
• Scandinavia: $150-$250 (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark)
• Austria: $200-$300
• Switzerland: $200-$300
• Eastern Europe: $250-$350 (Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania)
• Baltic States: $250-$350 (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
• Balkan: $300-$500 (Croatia, Bosnia, Ukraine, Serbia)

• Mainland China / Hong Kong / Macau / Taiwan: $100-$200
• Japan: $150-$250
• Vietnam: $150-$250
• Singapore: $150-$250
• S. Korea: $150-$250
• Malaysia: $150-$250
• Thailand: $200-$300

Middle East:
• Israel: $300-$500
• Turkey: $150-$250

• Australia: $100-$250 with depot pick-up (
• Cyprus: $250-$350
• New Zealand: $200-$300

The preliminary dimensions of the main Omni package (subject to change) are 48” x 43” x 30”, 227lbs (123cm x 110cm x 77cm, 103kg).

The Omni comes with a 1-year warranty, commencing from the date of receipt of the product. Note that you need to purchase the Omni through our website or from an authorized re-seller to maintain the warranty. Purchasing the Omni from an un-authorized re-seller will void any warranty rights.

Delivery of the pre-order Omnis will start after delivery of the Kickstarter units (estimated Q4 2016).

Orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Be sure to order early to avoid waiting times beyond the estimated shipping date.

The Omni is designed to accommodate a user height ranging from 4’8″ to 6’5″ (142cm – 195cm), and a weight up to 285lbs (130kg) with a safety factor 2.

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Please email us at We look forward to assisting you and answering any questions you may have.