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The Ultimate Immersive Experience

Step Into The Next Generation Of Gaming

The Virtuix Omni™ is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality system that deeply immerses you in your favorite games by allowing you to stand up and walk around in the virtual environment. Walking and running in virtual reality creates an unprecedented sense of immersion that cannot be experienced sitting down. Step into your favorite games and experience a whole new level of play.

Freedom of Movement

Move Naturally In Virtual Worlds

The Omni engages the entire body and transforms the gaming experience. Walk, run, strafe, sit, or jump in 360 degrees to steer your avatar without restraints. Live the adventure and be transported beyond the couch. The Omni immerses you in virtual quests while keeping you in shape for the real world.

Full VR Gaming Platform

Unprecedented Gameplay

The Omni is not only the first, but also the most compact, easily assembled, and affordable virtual reality gaming platform of its kind. With no moving parts, the Omni uses a concave platform for a smooth, natural gait when in motion. Comfortable Omni shoes allow for extended gameplay and protect you during fast-paced battlefield action. A robust support ring and unattached support harness provide maximum safety and versatility for rapid, unconstrained movements. The Omni transforms the gaming experience into a highly interactive, energetic battle royale between players fighting for virtual supremacy.

  • ---- “Try to resist throwing money at the screen” Engadget
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